How to Go About Preparing For Your Board Meeting

Regardless of whether you are the chair of the board or CEO, or the executive director planning your board meeting is an essential component to ensuring that it is as smooth as it can. It may sound counterintuitive but a well-organized book for your board and agenda can help you save time by reducing unnecessary side conversations.

The time taken to clearly establish the goals of each item in the board meeting can help board members to understand the topic and how it affects their overall contribution to the company’s success. This is especially helpful for newer or younger board members who might have a more difficult time dealing with complex discussions than their older counterparts.

It’s also an excellent idea for each item discussed during the board’s meeting to be given a rough time frame. This will keep the meeting on track and stop board members from being clock out before the end.

The day prior to the meeting, verify that the venue is set up and any necessary catering arrangements have been made. Also, make sure any directors who have not yet submitted their reports have deadlines and a plan for submitting their reports.

Finally, create any information packets that are to be handed out to board members prior the meeting, and also review any additional rules for meetings. It is recommended to distribute the packets 48 hours in advance of the meeting so that board members can partake in a debate that is well-informed at the meeting.

preparing for your board meeting

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